Ode to Winter

There is nothing quite like the dead of winter. Not only is the landscape bleak and void of color, so it seems it is the day to day rush in the hospital. Patients are sicker, we are short-staffed, and workloads are up. Winter is a long dark day to day grey blur as we rush from home to work, often never seeing daylight except through the hospital window. The holidays and bright lights are beginning to fade as we move toward more of the same: busy day shifts, understaffed nights. Our bodies and souls grow weary from the relentless pace of winter.

It is now, in the still of night, one more shift to survive that we must find that will to push through. We must concentrate on the one success among the many even ventilated. But most of all, we must stick together. It is us, respiratory that will need to band together to make it through the winter.

Winter is our season, like it or not, and we must not only survive but thrive. We will do that over time, we will get the job done, we will handle those insane workloads and conquer. Winter may make us weary, disoriented, exhausted, body, and soul. But we are Respiratory, we have got this, we prepared for this. So carry on my people, find that strength, that only we have, that Respiratory stamina no others possess. Get through these winter days and nights. Take care fellow RT’s and godspeed.