Respiratory Therapists Friends or Foes?

Why are we always comparing and blaming each other? It is a tradition as old as time in hospitals everywhere — day shift complaints about the night shift. The ICU RT's complain about the floor RT's, they both complain about the NICU. Why are we always at odds with one another? The few times we band together, it is to complain about the Doctors or the Nurses. How did this happen, and how do we fix it?
Don't get me wrong; I know that when it counts, we are there for each other. We instinctively without words set up the vent behind our colleague intubating or calibrate an oscillator when we run a gas for a friend and see the results. We go to the Unit that has been busy all night and pick up work for our co-workers without them asking. We have epic potlucks and celebrate each other often as well. We must do this more often; I would go as far as to say always. When the complaining and whining ensues, we need to remember we are all we have got. No one else has our back like we have one another's.
It is time to band together, not just when convenient but routinely. This includes showing the new grads the ropes instead of shunning them. Precepting and teaching those students instead of pawning them off on someone else. We need to be better for ourselves, for our colleagues, for our patients, and the profession.

We must remember we are Respiratory Therapists, and all we have is each other.